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In today’s real estate market, a looming crisis is on the horizon, reminiscent of what we witnessed during the mortgage meltdown of 2007-10. As remnants of the financial hardships brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic remain, we are frequently hearing from homeowners enduring distress caused from a variety of financial hardships (I.e., Loss of Income, Illness, Divorce and Tax Liens) just to name the most common. The People’s Realty Group specializes in providing solutions designed to better position our clients facing financial hardship. Far too often, we find that it is the misinformation or lack of information that exacerbates the problem, resulting in foreclosure and relegating a homeowner to a 7-10 year waiting period before their eligibility to acquire a mortgage.

With the expiration of the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program (HAFA), a key component of the Making Homes Affordable Program initiated in 2009, a distressed homeowner with minimal or no equity, now faces the challenge of maintaining a mortgage that they can no longer afford, with very few options beyond foreclosure. While such programs as lender negotiated repayment plans or forbearance may be available, these too can be quite overwhelming, particularly since a distressed homeowner must now face the requirement of meeting their original mortgage payment, conjoined with the additional outstanding payments. This can quite often lead to foreclosure as well.

Often, averting Foreclosure by opting to Short Sale is the most viable option. Why? Opting to Short Sale as opposed to allowing foreclosure has a two-fold benefit, The first of which, it alleviates the stress and endless struggle to maintain a mortgage that is no longer affordable and secondly, it expedites the restoration of the homeowner’s ability to qualify for a subsequent mortgage loan in as little as 18-24 months versus 7-10 years after foreclosure. Through our Loan Resolution Services, The People’s Realty Group offers strategies that will explore all options, as we specialize in lender negotiated resolutions. Deeply besieged with financial hardship, and facing foreclosure? We can and want to help you! Give us the opportunity to help you make it right.
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