By: The People’s Realty Group, Inc.

3 Reasons Why Rent to Own Investing Can Be Difficult in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Tags: Finding Tenants, Responsibility, Agreeing To Terms

From flips to rentals, from new builds to rent-to-owns, there are distinct kinds of investing. But which one is right for you? While you are weighing your options make sure you read this blog post where we share the 3 reasons why rent to own investing can be difficult in Dallas/Ft. Worth. There are so many ways to invest, and smart investors are always looking for how they can take their investin...Read More

By: The People’s Realty Group, Inc.

4 Financial Options You Can Pursue When Selling an Inherited Property in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Tags: Refinance, Rent To Own, Sell Fast for Cash

If you have inherited a property and you are thinking about selling it, you might have more options than you realize. Read this blog post to find out the 4 financial options you can pursue when selling an inherited property… When your loved one passes and leaves you with a property, it might be a meaningful gesture but, the truth is, an inherited property is not always convenient to own. T...Read More

By: The People’s Realty Group, Inc.

4 Ways To Deal With A Frustrating Tenant In Dallas/Ft. Worth

Tags: tenants, negotiate with your tenants, Sell your property

Are you a property owner with frustrating tenants? You are not alone. Many property owners find out the hard way that they have frustrating tenants in one of their rental properties. In this article, we are sharing 4 ways to deal with a frustrating tenant in Dallas/Ft. Worth. If you own a rental property, eventually you are going to deal with a frustrating tenant in one of your properties. T...Read More

By: The People’s Realty Group, Inc.

“Prevent Foreclosure, We Offer Loan Resolution Services”

Tags: foreclosure

In today’s real estate market, a looming crisis is on the horizon, reminiscent of what we witnessed during the mortgage meltdown of 2007-10. As remnants of the financial hardships brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic remain, we are frequently hearing from homeowners enduring distress caused from a variety of financial hardships (I.e., Loss of Income, Illness, Divorce and Tax Liens) jus...Read More

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